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“We have to look for positives in life in order to overcome obstacles – Coronavirus has made us more appreciative of our Co-workers and valued customers. We will have ended up closer, better, wiser and kinder for this”

Once upon a time......

Like most businesses, we were not prepared when the Pandemic started to disrupt our working lives so quickly and so dramatically.  Between the last week in March and 24 April, we were getting cancellations and postponements every day from our customers.  We quickly grasped the reality that with close to 70% of our business wiped out, it was a priority to look after and support our loyal and hardworking Self-Employed co-workers.



Our action plan was to evenly share out what few jobs we had each day, to put into action a Company Loan Scheme to support their income as and when needed, and guide them all through the various Government support initiatives. Without them all onboard there would be no bounce back.  We have also had a number of extremely generous and supportive customers who wanted to continue paying for their service through these difficult times.  This has been incredibly humbling, heart-warming and encouraging during the very low 10 weeks or so. It is times like these when mankind shows how great we can be and overcome obstacles.

They all lived 'this way' ....for a while!..

Since the end of May 2020, we have experienced a very slow trickle of returning customers. There have been 3 Coronavirus Update emails going out to all customers and we have tried to keep in contact as much as possible with the ‘Shielded or elderly’ by telephone.


The future was looking a little brighter at this stage, more certain and positive, and although we realised that it may be a further 12 or 18 months before a full return to normal business activity, we didn’t get it quite right!

And so it continues....

Tier 4 and Lockdown 3 in late December and January (so far) have also changed everything, not only for us but for everyone.


We are grateful for and welcome the Gov.Uk Guidelines which will allow home visits for cleaners, and we are extremely aware that this has to be taken seriously.

We are taking every precaution necessary to achieve this and ask that all our customers do the same.

Roll on the Vaccination programme - we know that in the end, we will get there and eventually return to being busy and running a normal business.


We are so very thankful to all our very kind and loyal customers who have shown great support and assistance during the darkest hours.

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